DeSpaceQF: Decentralized Space Exploration

Boosting public goods in Space via Quadratic Funding for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

DeSpaceQF is a pioneering initiative aimed at fostering growth and innovation within the Decentralized Space Exploration Ecosystem. Leveraging the power of Quadratic Funding, we aim to democratize access to resources, enabling both newcomers and established players to contribute to the advancement of space exploration technologies.

Our project is rooted in the principles of open science, as advocated by institutions like NASA and UNESCO, and the decentralization ethos inherent to Web3 technologies. We are committed to supporting projects that utilize these technologies, such as DAOs, NFTs, Metaverse, Smart Contracts, and Blockchain Nodes in Space.

The DeSpaceQF project builds on the success of the community-driven DeSci Featured Round, sponsored by MoonDAO. We have identified a strong demand for a platform that brings together DeSpace projects, facilitating collaboration and mutual growth.

We have rallied leading DeSpace innovators, scientists, and entrepreneurs from Space DAOs like MoonDAO, SpaceRoxDAO, Alpha Persei, and SpaceDAO.AI. Together, we aim to grow our ecosystem for the benefit of all, with confirmed advisors and supporters like Copernic Space, Lunargistics, Axiom Space, and Astrocool offering special perks to grantees or donors.

Our primary objective is to conduct the DeSpace QF Round on Gitcoin Grants Stack, with key results including raising a minimum of $25k from sponsors, drafting eligibility criteria, getting at least 10 grantees on the platform, and facilitating the round. We will measure our success through metrics such as the Matching Pool Fund size, the number of grantees and donors, the amount and number of donations, and marketing engagement metrics.

In conclusion, DeSpaceQF is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to democratize space exploration, fostering innovation and collaboration within the DeSpace ecosystem.

The benefits for ENS to support us are wide-ranging. Ethereum Name Service (ENS) in the space industry can facilitate decentralized satellite communication, manage space assets with human-readable names, enable secure data sharing platforms, streamline supply chains, foster decentralized research collaborations, tokenize space assets, automate operations via smart contracts, enhance space tourism services, and ensure data integrity in space exploration missions and many more.

Your commitment to decentralization and blockchain technology aligns perfectly with our mission. We believe that your support can significantly enhance our efforts to democratize space exploration and foster innovation within the DeSpace ecosystem.

By supporting DeSpaceQF, you will be contributing to a pioneering initiative that aims to build a more inclusive and diverse space exploration community. Your support will help us fund projects that utilize Web3 and Space technologies, including DAOs, NFTs, Metaverse, Smart Contracts, and Blockchain Nodes in Space.

We are confident that your involvement will not only benefit the DeSpace ecosystem but also reinforce ENS's commitment to supporting innovative, decentralized solutions.

Join us in this exciting journey towards a more decentralized future in space exploration. Let's reach for the stars, together!

Aug 3, 2023: Giveth page created. Present: Min. 25k secured, first Round on Gitcoin announced. ~3 months: End of DeSpace Round. ~4 months: Sybill Analysis & Final results. ~5 months: Grantee Payouts. ~6 months / Ongoing: Next DeSpace Round.

Founding Stewards: @ManuelOlariu Manuel Olariu is the founder of and with Copernic Space he is building a space asset marketplace leading Innovation and IP standards. He is responsible for MoonDAO B2B while he is supporting various Decentralized Science and Decentralized Space activities. He led the last community-driven #GitcoinBeta Decentralized Science Grants Round utilizing Gitcoin's Grants Stack where MoonDAO played a critical part as the main initial sponsor of the Round.

@Difint Rod Mamin is a systems engineer, with commercial experience building and sending robots to the Moon, Founder of LunCo.Space, Grantee on DeSci & Open Source Software Gitcoin’s GR15, Alpha Round, Beta Round and MoonDAOs Space Engineering Guild Initiator and Ex-Steward.

@PaulBurg_ Pavel Anisimov is an environmental scientist, with experience in public goods and decentralized communities. He is a Blockchain and space enthusiast and Founder of ReFi Phangan (GreenPill local chapter/ReFi DAO hub) and EcoSynthesisX

@Redotics Red Boumghar is CEO of, building SpaceDAO.AI with ESA, and graduated from Creative Destruction Lab.

@Adamjboyle Adam Boyle is the founder of SpaceRoxDAO supporting public goods in Space and one of the Core members at Alpha Persei.

Multi-sig Signers: @IonRod, @ManuelOlariu, @PaulBurg, @Red, @Adam @Ballack