Impact Stream

Addressing unemployment and poverty in Togo using Web3

On-Chain Quadratic Voting and Matching Pool in Togo, West Africa

We are building and deploying a software application on top of Gitcoin's Allo protocol that will onboard 100 Togolese into Web3, allow them to submit proposals for IRL public goods (wells for clean water, schools, clinics, entrepreneurial endeavors for economic growth, etc), and conduct quadratic voting on the proposals that are most meaningful to them.

Problem we are addressing

Numerous non-profit entities attempt to address non-Western challenges, often dominated by Western perspectives. However, we envision a paradigm shift wherein capital and responsibility are placed directly in the hands of those undergoing adversity. We propose that the most profound transformations arise from within the community itself, orchestrated by its entrepreneurs and skilled workforce. The integration of blockchain technology serves as a facilitator, enabling coordinated efforts that lead to unparalleled community development.

Who is behind it?

In this endeavor, Supermodular, Gitcoin, ProtaVentures, and International Literacy and Development have forged a collaborative alliance with Impact Stream, pooling their expertise.

How will we utilize the funds?

Contributions will be channeled into a matching pool, which will be subsequently allocated to fund the proposals among members of the Togolese community capable of executing the proposed initiatives.

How does this support the Ethereum ecosystem?

As of now, we've brought approximately 100 individuals from Togo into the fold, many of them unbanked. These are the folks who usually get left behind. We're not just getting them on board but also giving them a say in how and where funds are distributed through a democratic process. Plus, the app's open-source design is a key part of supporting real-world public goods in line with Ethereum's principles.

Team Information

Will Little - Board Chair Michelle Schubert - Executive Director Laté Lawson - Project Director in Togo

Michelle Schubert, who goes by the alias "Alidra," boasts a career spanning from 2014 dedicated to international development. Her non-profit expertise encompasses diverse development projects across numerous global regions, notably including Togo. She has developed an extensive trust network with Togolese nationals through her involvement in past developmental initiatives within Togo, collaborating with International Literacy and Development. Twitter :

Will Little is a founder and Managing Director at Prota Ventures, an early stage venture capital and startup incubation group that promotes human flourishing by investing holistically in entrepreneurs. He is also a founding board member of Impact Stream, a new NGO that facilitates transparent, on-chain impact between Web3 communities and IRL communities. LinkedIn:

Laté Lawson is the field director of ILAD Togo. Has helped over 1500 farmers move from poverty to thriving. Oversees many development initiatives.