Samhita DAO

Empowering communities to preserve their linguistic heritage


Endangered languages are at risk of disappearing, and younger generations are losing touch with their linguistic heritage.

Preserving these languages is vital to maintaining cultural diversity, but access to web3 technology remains challenging for non-native users interested in language preservation.

Furthermore, existing language preservation initiatives often lack the resources and collaborative platforms needed to make a meaningful impact.


Samhita DAO offers a decentralized platform to empower endangered language communities. We provide tools for collaborative language preservation, including crowdsourced resources and a marketplace for language-related goods and services.

Our project simplifies web3 adoption for non-native users, facilitating their participation in language preservation efforts. Additionally, we employ blockchain technology to ensure the integrity and immutability of linguistic data, enhancing its long-term preservation.

How this helps the community (Community Impact):

Samhita DAO serves as a crucial public good, fostering collaboration among language communities to protect endangered languages. By offering accessible tools and a supportive ecosystem, we empower communities to preserve their linguistic and cultural heritage.

Our platform bridges generations, facilitating the transmission of stories and traditions, thereby celebrating cultural diversity. Moreover, we can actively engage with academic institutions and language experts, promoting research and documentation of endangered languages, thus contributing to the broader field of linguistics.

How the grant will be utilized:

Securing this grant is pivotal to sustaining and expanding Samhita DAO’s impact. With these funds, we will enhance data organization, ensuring standardized language data storage practices. This grant is essential to support our ongoing development and sustain our project’s dedicated team of developers within this dynamic space.

This development is essential for our continued growth and the long-term preservation of endangered languages. The support will empower us to simplify web3 adoption, making language preservation accessible to a wider audience and safeguarding our world’s linguistic diversity for generations to come.

Project Link:

(This project is still a Work in Progress, and for the best experience, we recommend viewing it on a desktop)