Pioneering Standards & Public infrastructure for DAOs


DAOstar is a non-profit championing standards and vital public infrastructure for DAOs. Through this grant, we aim to support the DAO ecosystem with the adoption of EIP-4824, setting the stage for on-chain storage of DAO metadata.

The unique value of EIP-4824

The DAO ecosystem has been historically fragmented. Disparate DAO architectures, limited visibility on aggregators, and the absence of a self-sustaining DAO registry are some of the major challenges faced. EIP-4824 aims to solve these issues, by providing a method to self-publish information irrespective of their architecture or the chain DAOs exist on.

Who's Already Onboard with EIP-4824?

Major industry players are aligning with our vision:

ShapeShift recently passed a proposal to adopt the standard: Snapshot

Unlock Protocol recently passed a proposal to adopt the standard: Snapshot

Snapshot X: The on-chain governance framework from Snapshot, now has native EIP-4824 compliance. Hence, going forward, all Snapshot X spaces will automatically contain a daoURI, making the adoption process for future DAOs easier.

And many more including Aragon, Moloch, DAODAO, etc. The Optimism Collective recently awarded DAOstar a mission to help DAOs on Optimism onboard to the standard.

How Will Your Support Transform Our Journey?

EIP-4824 adoption will not be an overnight shift. The journey from ideation to consensus is intricate, involving feedback, custom daoURI development, voting, and execution at each DAO. With your support, our mission to onboard every DAO to EIP-4824 becomes a tangible reality sooner.

Our proposal to extend the ENS DAO with EIP-4824 has passed the temp check with positive feedback. A notable community suggestion has been the exploration of ENS names for storing daoURI's, shifting from the current stand-alone smart contracts. A generous grant of >=3 ETH will empower us to bootstrap a dedicated working group for this initiative.

DAOstar is supported by the Ethereum Foundation, Gnosis, Optimism Collective, The Graph, Aragon and other members of DAOstar One. Join us in building a more interoperable DAO ecosystem!