QuillCheck - DeFi Fraud Protection

Creating a First Line of Defence in DeFi through Scam Identification.

In the ever-evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi), where scams, rug pulls, and honeypots lurk around every corner, there’s an increasing need for diligence tools. Enter QuillCheck, the shield every DeFi user needs.

Our Mission

Empower users with appropriate information to navigate the DeFi space safely.

How does it work

  • User Input: Simply punch in the token’s contract address.
  • Analysis: Receive a comprehensive report, based on transaction simulations, code analysis to find potentially abusable ownership permissions and questionable token distributions.
  • Risk Rating: Every data aspect comes with a visual risk rating, giving you an at-a-glance insight into potential red flags.

Key Features

  • Token and Market Stats: From basic details like name and creation date to market trends and even its social media footprint.
  • Holder Analysis: A transparent look into how many people hold the asset, and how it’s distributed among the key players.
  • Liquidity Breakdown: Discover who truly controls the liquidity, the exchanges it’s found on, and crucial details on locked liquidity and potential unlocks.
  • Code Audit: A deep analysis into the token’s code for sketchy ownership permissions that may hint at a rugpull.
  • Honeypot Detection: With 51% of all scam tokens being honeypots, this feature is invaluable. QuillCheck identifies the token’s buy, sell, and transfer tax patterns and warns users using our Honeypot Detector.
  • AI Assistance: Leveraging GPT3.5’s prowess, QuillCheck deciphers the intricacies of contracts for the less tech-savvy.
  • API: Our risk assessment algorithm can be useful for dApps that need to warn their users about the potential risk of the selected asset, for ex Swapping to an unknown token on a DEX. We have enabled free access to the APIs to be integrated with dApps.

Check out a sample response of our website here.

What’s Ahead For Us

  1. Give more advanced market analysis eg. Top trading wallets and their effect on prices.
  2. Phishing Protection through a Chrome extension.
  3. Expand transaction simulation capability from honeypot detection to all transactions on the Chrome Extension.
  4. Pioneer front-running bots that could protect user funds from rug-pulls.

We Are Gonna Secure It. Join Us!