The Premier Governance Data Hub


Dhive aims to become the premier governance data hub, offering users a consolidated platform for easy access to information, insights, updates, and monitoring tools. It aims to equip users with a clear understanding of governance activities, allowing them to make informed decisions in a trusted environment.


Core features

āœ… Comprehensive Data Aggregation

Aggregation of on-chain data (Tally) and off-chain data (Snapshot) into a single, easily accessible location and providing analytics and meaningful insights into governance related data. This solves the problem of fragmented solutions where users have to navigate between different platforms to gather comprehensive governance information.

āœ… Trusted Credentials Environment

Implementing chain-agnostic credentials that allows for the verification of participant identities and history, enhancing the reliability and integrity of governance participation. This fills in an existing gap related to the absence of credentials that might lead to potential trust and credibility issues.

āœ… Custom Notification System

A custom notification system designed for governance activities that solves the problem where key governance notifications often get lost among numerous other announcements on various social platforms, making it challenging for users to stay updated and respond timely to new proposals.

Where we are now

We are developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that is expected to launch this June. We have chosen to initially focus on the Arbitrum ecosystem due to its high participation rate in governance. It's active community presents an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the utility of the project and ensuring that the tools and features are tested and refined in a real-world setting.

Where we are going

Our strategy is multifaceted, designed to capture the dynamic nature of DAOs operating on Ethereum. We recognize that the Ethereum network is the bedrock of decentralized governance. By systematically indexing these organizations, we aim to offer our users a broader view of the decentralized governance landscape, providing meaningful insights.


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