Militereum is a web3 firewall for your crypto wallets

Militereum simulates your transactions and shows you exactly what tokens are about to exit your wallet BEFORE a transaction leaves your desktop.

If Militereum thinks your transaction is unsafe, it is blocked.

Militereum is chain-agnostic (supporting L2s such as Optimism and Arbitrum) and works with every EVM-compatible crypto wallet, including browser-based and native desktop wallets.

The Militereum UX is ENS-compatible. On Ethereum, addresses are resolved to human-readable names. We are asking for a grant because will want to add wildcard resolution and CCIP read, making it possible to display ENS names that are stored on L2s.

You can download Militereum for Windows or for macOS if you want.

Militereum is free and open source. There are no VCs and there is no token.