Peek into any address or ENS.

šŸ‘€ is a web application that allows users to quickly query an Ethereum address or an ENS name via a browser. It fetches and displays the NFTs and tokens associated with the queried address. The project utilizes Next.js, TailwindCSS, and DaisyUI for the frontend and uses the OpenSea and Covalent APIs for data fetching. is built using Scaffold-ETH 2.

Why was necessary?

Well, when I try to lookup my own address, or anyone on X, since I usually see their ENS names instead of a very long string with 0x at the front, and naturally, I should be able to search someone with their ENS names.

But currently, Etherscan does not have ens support(it doesn't work the same way with ENS names and regular addresses), DeBank does not have ens support, currently we have no place to quickly look up balances using their ENS name. With, it is very easy to check someone on all the major chains by entering their ENS names to the search bar.

While can work with addresses, it prioritizes ENS names whenever possible, even if the user types in an address to the search bar.

Check out on github.