web3 Warri

Building the next generation of internet builders, fosetring the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem


The web3 Warri community is committed to fostering the development and adoption of blockchain technology, and the growth of Ethereum and its ecosystem through collaborative learnings, meetups, workshops, hackathons, and web3 Warri conferences.


The web3 Warri community - which began officially in February 2023 - is a community of (and for) blockchain developers, smart contract developers, builders, technical writers, open-source contributors, and tech enthusiasts interested in building the next generation of the internet through collaborative learning, meetups, workshops, hackathons, and conferences.

We started our community barely a year ago with one goal, to come together for meetups to foster collaborative learning about blockchain technology and the building of smart contracts. What began as a meetup for just 30 to 40 persons has metamorphosed into a thriving community of over 394 members on our official meetup page as at the time of this application.

In 2023, we made tremendous progress as a community. For example, in partnership with the Graph, we hosted the Graph workshop series, and a two-day hackathon for builders in the community to help them reinforce the learnings from the Graph workshops.

In Q1 2024, in line with Arbitrum's “initiatives for institutional community growth,” we introduced blockchain technology and layer 2 solutions with Arbitrum as the protagonist to over 500 students and developers across three selected higher institutions in Delta State, Nigeria. This was funded by a grant received from Arbitrum through QuestBook. See the report here on the Arbitrum forum.

The section on major milestones achieved lists what we have accomplished as a community in 2023 and Q1 2024.


Our goal is to build the next generation of the internet - web3 builders, by onboarding at least 100 blockchain and smart contract developers by H1 2024 through workshops, meetups, hackathons, and conferences.

Major milestones achieved since 1 year of our community

Q2 2024 Goals

  • Deep dives smart contracts development workshops and meetups
  • Hackathons
  • The web3 Warri hacker house
  • The web3 Warri maiden conference

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Call to Action

We are most thankful for the opportunity to participate and submit this proposal. All that we have achieved so far has been possible, through self funding, grants from GitCoin, Giveth, the Graph, and Arbitrum. We can achieve more through your kind support.