Scheduling Groups with ENS by MeetWithWallet

Add people by their ENS to a group and automatically schedule the next slot everyone is available

Scheduling groups is a nightmare in DAOs and for cross-organization contributors, freelancers, and anyone trying to get more than 2 people with a different email domain to find their next available slot. Needless to say it gets even worse when people want to preserve their privacy and not share their personal calendars. Countless hours are wasted in back and forth.

Meet with Wallet is a scheduling tool tailored to the needs of a rising fluid workforce in the web3 ecosystem. After solving the privacy preserving, multi domain pain for 1:1 meetings, we are now creating Scheduling Groups, a functionality where you can add people to groups and enable a range of convenient scheduling functionalities, including:

  • Lightning scheduling: immediately book the next slot when everyone is free
  • Round robin: create a link so external parties can book with one of the people in the group (seeing the combined availabilities e.g. like booking a hairdresser or customer support agent, you only need one out of multiple people)
  • All in: create a link so external parties can book all participants of the group together (e.g. a link so your investors can book a meeting with the two cofounders)

This grant will enable us to extend our ENS integration (already available in the basic Meet with Wallet product) so groups can be identified by ENS domains and subdomains (perfect for DAOs and any kind of organisation), as well as allowing people to be invited to a Scheduling Group via their ENS, thus enabling pseudonymous and ENS-based scheduling.