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Connect with NFT Collectors through Communities

xFrens.xyz - Connect with NFT Collectors through Communities

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Discover and build connections with NFT collectors using the strength of common communities. A key feature of xFrens is its innovative use of the ENS Twitter Text Record, integrating NFT ownership data with X/Twitter social platform.

Also, visit Lensens.xyz to connect with collectors on Lens Protocol and CastFrens.xyz for the Farcaster protocol.

Additional Features & Insights:

  • šŸŽØ Discover Collectors: Navigate through varied collector communities such as ArtBlocks, AI enthusiasts, or the CryptoPunks collective, all made more accessible through ENS integration.

  • šŸ¦ X/Twitter Leadership Board: Utilize our leadership board to analyze and identify the most influential collectors on X, enhanced by ENS data: xfrens.xyz/leaderboard.

Support Us:

We're dedicated to continuously enhancing the capabilities of xFrens.xyz, lensens.xyz, and castfrens.xyz, with a strong focus on the evolution of web3 and ENS integrations. Your support is invaluable in shaping