We uncover what is happening across web3 and help users make better decisions.

What we do

We help uncover what is happening across web3 by aggregating, condensing, and prioritizing web3 content, to help users make better decisions. We currently aggregate forum discussions, snapshot votes, github pull requests and repositories, across 25+ web3 communities. We then apply state of the art machine learning techniques to condense long discussions, proposals, or code changes to structured and easily digestable summaries, provide wider context to those summaries, and rank all the content based on how interesting it is.

Some examples:

Why public goods funding

We have free access to our core services mentioned above, and plan to always keep that free. We believe that free access to our platform is a public good as it helps users stay more informed with the web3 communities they care about, as well as find new communities to be apart of.

Our tool is invaluable to some delegates, as it helps them stay up to date on the protocols they need to vote on, as well as be aware of things that are happening across the wider web3 community that may affect their voting positions.

With this funding we'll be able to continue providing our free service, expanding our community coverage, and create more tools to make it easier for both delegates and community members to participate effectively.