Prutopia is the new internet CV: power, veracity and interoperability


Prutopia is an on-chain CV that will empower users with data ownership, enabling user-friendly usability and the utilization of ENS as the naming protocol for each profile


ENS will become the internet alias: using SIWE will make us interoperable across the internet with a single profile, and for that, we'll need a name. For this to grow, it needs different layers of applications to build upon the protocol, with different utilities (a clear example being Farcaster).

At Prutopia, we're building a native internet CV: individuals will collect every work input they have (for example: from Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, GitHub, etc.) and will be able to use it on different sites (job boards, social networks, and more), having ownership over the data (ownership of the private key) and its accuracy (validated counterparts checking as platforms, clients, etc.) with user-friendly usability (use of MPC wallets).

For this profile, they will require an alias: this is where ENS comes in. We have registered prutopia.eth and we plan to enable a usage very similar to Farcaster. Providing subnames to those who do not yet have their .eth, and enabling the use of their ENS as a profile name if they already have it. This will allow when that person interacts with different protocols, applications, and others with their Prutopia profile, they can display their unique internet alias, allowing the expansion of the protocol's usage on multiple sites and even more, in unknown environments (our product aims to bring the benefits of blockchain to the mainstream without the friction of the usual crypto UX). We are also considering the possible use of domain records, both for reading and writing.

We believe that this type of user-layer contributions (and it is worth noting again: not only for web3 audiences) will allow increasing the growth of ENS.


The team currently consists of 3 people: management & product (and founder, the one writing to you) and 2 developers (with excellent professional quality). Since the project is bootstrapped, the grant funds would help push the project forward by allocating 100% to the developers and a new role of Ecosystem Leader, which will be filled soon.

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Development stage:

  • Finalizing smart contracts development
  • Finalizing frontend v1
  • Finalizing website v2
  • Deadline for starting testing with a first batch of users: May-June

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