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About -

Chora Club is created to tackle the complexities of the Web3 ecosystem, especially in understanding its governance structure. The current setup has a complicated governance model, highlighting the need for a solution that simplifies things and adds a personal touch to help new users get started.

Chora Club will also be the platform for aspiring delegates who can add value by answering questions from new participants and as a result, increase their trust and voting power from new participants.

Problem -

Presently, the common approach to understanding DAOs and their governance involves new users visiting the website, forums and navigating through unorganized documentation or vast content that has been added over time. A lack of a structured, step-by-step guide contributes to an overwhelming experience, resulting in user dropouts. Furthermore, forums and Discord channels lack organization, making direct connections problematic and decreasing engagement.

As the DAO evolves, it accumulates information from past seasons, proposals, and manuals, creating a complex layer of information. This complexity can overwhelm new participants, leading them to leave the ecosystem.

Solution -

Chora Club aims to address these challenges by offering a user-centric platform that simplifies the onboarding experience for newcomers to Web3, specifically focusing on governance structures within decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

By leveraging the expertise of experienced delegates and implementing interactive learning sessions, Chora Club provides personalized guidance and real-time support to users navigating the complexities of DAO governance.

In addition, Delegates will receive verifiable attestations for each contribution they make on Chora Club. These attestations serve as evidence of their active involvement and expertise within the Web3 ecosystem, supporting their credibility and reputation as valuable members of the community.

With each acknowledgement recorded on-chain, delegates gain greater visibility and recognition for their efforts, further solidifying their position as trusted mentors and leaders within their respective DAOs. This not only incentivizes continued participation but also encourages delegates to actively contribute to the growth and development of the ecosystem.

Through intuitive features such as delegate office hours, on-chain acknowledgements through attestations, and interactive learning sessions, Chora Club empowers users to better understand governance concepts and actively participate in DAO decision-making processes.

How this helps the Web3 Community -

Chora Club directly benefits the entire Web3 community by democratizing access to governance education and resources. By providing a centralized hub for learning and interaction, Chora Club enables users to confidently engage with DAOs, contributing to a more informed and active community of governance participants.

Furthermore, by fostering greater transparency and inclusivity within DAO governance, Chora Club promotes the principles of decentralization and empowers users to shape the future of Web3 collaboratively.

How we will utilise this grant -

The grant funds will be utilized to integrate the ENS DAO into the Chora Club platform, aiming to provide new users with an accessible avenue to learn about ENS governance. This initiative serves a dual purpose, benefiting both new users seeking to understand ENS governance and delegates of the ENS DAO. By bringing the ENS DAO onto Chora Club, we aim to create a environment for new users to familiarize themselves with ENS governance processes, fostering greater participation and engagement within the community.

Additionally, this integration will enable delegates of the ENS DAO to contribute directly from Chora Club, streamlining their interactions and enhancing their ability to engage with the broader Web3 community. Ultimately, the primary goal of this grant is to facilitate the integration of ENS DAO into Chora Club, thereby expanding access to ENS governance for new users and offering valuable tools for delegates to contribute effectively.

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