Integrating ENS for Enhanced Mobile dApp Development in Flutter

Decentralised applications are often siloed into web platforms

Currently, over 95% of dApps are primarily designed for web interfaces. This heavy reliance on web interfaces overlooks the growing trend of mobile internet usage.


Variance is a Flutter SDK designed to facilitate the integration of account abstraction in mobile app development, particularly focusing on dApps and smart wallets. It is an open-source initiative aimed at enabling Flutter developers to more easily engage with web3 technologies. Recently featured in the ENSDAO Newsletter #55.

ENS Integration

A significant feature of Variance is its integration with ENS, providing tools for name registration and resolution for smart accounts. This integration is further enhanced by the development of an ENS-normalize implementation in Dart (based on the python implementation by namehashlabs) following the ENSIP-15 standard, enabling name normalizations natively. This approach simplifies the process for developers building web3 apps that leverage ENS.


ens_normalize library written in dart.

account abstraction sdk written in flutter.

Additionally, we are developing an open source ensdart_v3 library following the ensjs_v3 to enable developers utilize new features of ENS in there flutter development pipelines.