Funding Request for Integrous.eth

Promoting ENS and blockchain adoption through education and outreach.

About: Integrous is a team fully committed to educational and outreach initiatives concerning the broader Web3 space, specifically the integration of blockchain domains (ENS). Our goal is to ensure widespread adoption of blockchain applications, with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) being at the forefront of our mission. By leveraging social media platforms and our broader network, we are primarily educating and onboarding small and medium-sized companies, as well as individuals around the world.

Why Integrous? Professionalism and integrity are what make Integrous stand out. Led by founder and CEO, Bama.eth, who brings over two decades of experience in high-level sales and marketing, Integrous is headed toward leaving a lasting positive impact in the Web3 space. Bama.eth's decision to transition from managing a top-performing Volkswagen dealership to focus full-time on Integrous underscores his dedication to Web3.

Our commitment lies in accelerating the adoption of ENS domains through strategic marketing campaigns and supporting business integrations like SIWE with educational and technical services. Through channels such as X, TikTok, Meta, LinkedIn, and newsletters, we aim to educate and empower users to understand blockchain use-cases, crypto wallets, and ultimately, ENS domains. This not only benefits individual users and businesses but also contributes to the growth and sustainability of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Grant Usage: The grant funds requested will be allocated toward targeted social media campaigns across the mentioned platforms. These campaigns will be meticulously crafted to focus on educating and onboarding individuals and companies to Web3. All marketing efforts are conducted in a professional manner, with the sole purpose of driving adoption and awareness of Web3.

Conclusion: Integrous represents a dedicated team eager to leave a lasting impact in Web3. With a focus on education, integration, and strategic marketing, we are confident in our ability to drive the adoption of ENS domains and contribute to the growth of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Thank you for considering our proposal! We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and bring Web3 forward.