Opensource portfolio management, analytics and crypto accounting app that protects your privacy.

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This is rotki's grant application for ENS public goods round 12

What is rotki?

rotki is a fully opensource (copyleft - AGPL) portfolio tracking, accounting & management tool. It’s a local first solution to a problem we all have. When you use 5 CEXes, 4 chains and 12 protocols … what do you own and where is it? What have you done in crypto over the last years? How can you account for it? Did you have profit? Loss etc. rotki answers all these questions. The project aims to empower crypto user with the tools they need to efficiently track, analyze, and manage their crypto assets. Some key features of Rotki include:

  • Local and Open-Source: Rotki is a local application that runs on users’ computers, ensuring data privacy and control. It is released under the AGPLv3 license, making it open source and allowing anyone to inspect, modify, and contribute to the codebase.

  • Multi-Blockchain and Exchange Support: Rotki supports multiple blockchain networks, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Kusama, Polkadot, Avalanche, and various -centralized cryptocurrency exchanges like Kraken, Coinbase, and Binance. It aggregates data from these sources, providing users with a holistic view of their cryptocurrency holdings.

  • Portfolio Tracking: Users can monitor their cryptocurrency portfolios, view historical performance, and generate profit and loss reports for tax purposes. Rotki simplifies the process of keeping track of assets across multiple platforms.

  • Future Plans for Active Management: Rotki’s future plans include expanding its capabilities to enable users to actively manage their portfolios from within the application. This may include features like smart order routing for optimized trading execution and the ability to run market-neutral trading bots.

Classification as a public good

Rotki exhibits several characteristics that make it suitable for classification as a public good:

  • Open Source: Being 100% open source under the AGPLv3 license means that Rotki is freely accessible to the public. Anyone can use, modify, and redistribute the software, contributing to the development of a transparent and collaborative ecosystem.

  • Data Privacy and Sovereignity: Rotki’s emphasis on data privacy and local storage aligns with the principles of a public good. It allows users to maintain control over their data, enhancing their digital sovereignty.

  • Accessibility: By providing a free and open-source solution for cryptocurrency portfolio tracking, Rotki promotes accessibility to financial tools for a wide range of users.

  • Community-Driven Development: Rotki encourages community participation in its development, fostering a sense of shared ownership and collaboration among users and developers. What’s more multiple people and users are building on top of rotki. Some latest example are:

  • Future Expansion for Active Management: As Rotki evolves to support active portfolio management and trading automation, it may further democratize access to advanced financial tools, potentially benefiting a broader audience.

In summary, rotki is an open-source cryptocurrency portfolio management application that aligns with the principles of a public good by promoting accessibility, data privacy, community-driven developments. Its evolution and expansion could potentially provide valuable financial tools to a wide range of users in the cryptocurrency space, further justifying its classification as a public good.

Usage of the grant

The grant will be used 100% to pay for development of further features of rotki related to both ENS and generally web3 features. Also for the maintenance and support of current features.

Progress since last grant

latest release

We have made multiple releases since the last grant. Namely 1.31.1, 1.31.2, 1.31.3, 1.32.0, 1.32.1 and 1.32.2