Si Her Co-Active

Impacting Web3 Identities with ENS


Present data shows womxn represent 27% of the web3 industry (BCGX, 2023). We have created Si Her as a Co-Active of womxn & non-binary emerging tech professionals with the aim of accelerating the visibility of our members, their communities, and their organizations. We have introduced our siher.eth sites with ENS Domains to provide our members with a professional brand web template to present their web3 identities for jobs, accelerator applications, investment, speaking opportunities, and collaborations.

Sample SIHER.ETH (pronounced See-Her).ETH Sites:

Kara Howard

Alex Overgaag

Aiamara Garcia

Iyanuayo Olajide



A public directory to discover and engage with our members and their communities for hiring, speaking, and partnerships (launching May 2024)

Portal Hero:

Community Hero:



An immersive and collaborative learning space presenting education on ENS Domains, IPFS, and more (launching May 2024).

Si Her World:

Si Her Success Signals:

  1. $5k USD grant from Livepeer (Dec 2023)

  2. $5k USD grant from ArbitrumDAO and first place win (out of 28 submissions) in their ‘Future of Web3 Identity’ category (Feb 2023)

  3. Successful 12-hour 'Si Her Summit' livestream event with 50 organizations and womxn speakers (Feb 2023)

  4. Successfully created automation system for publishing and re-publishing our members siher.eth sites with Fleek IPFS, and (March 2023)

We look forward to onboarding several hundred new members, their communities, and their organizations into Si Her over the next two months with our planned community onboarding strategy. Funds from this grant will support onboarding and member management processes as we introduce our new automated IPFS publishing system for member's siher.eth sites, and Metaverse education space.

Si Her is a platform created within the decentralizing Si3 Universe.