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Keyless IPNS Pinning Service

Project Summary

IPNS.dev is a no-nonsense, free, open-source, autonomous, trustless, keyless and secure IPNS pinning service. Users of IPNS have so far required to either share their private keys with scarce service providers such as dWebServices.xyz or publish privately to their IPFS nodes. IPNS.dev is a service which removes this severe security flaw and accessibility issue by employing a "keyless" interface to the IPFS network. Users of IPNS.dev do not need to share their IPNS keys with service providers, and can securely and 'keylessly' publish to IPFS network with anonymity. Users' IPNS keys are generated deterministically from their Ethereum wallet signatures only during an update, and the content is then pinned and published on w3name publishing infrastructure deployed on Cloudflare. To our knowledge, this is the first such service and public good in existence.


By providing a trustless, keyless, and secure IPNS pinning service, IPNS.dev provides users with absolute control over their IPNS content while prioritising privacy and security. IPNS.dev could reshape how IPFS content is shared and accessed, making it more accessible to those who truly hold the 'not your keys, not your coin data' ethos dear. It also sets a new standard for IPFS services to incorporate IPNS in their hosting schemes, potentially expanding the reach of IPFS network. IPNS.dev has the potential to make secure data publishing more accessible and contribute to the decentralisation aspect of the IPFS network.


IPNS.dev service is reliant on a well-defined standard for implementing a keyless and autonomous interface to IPNS. This standard forms the core of IPNS.dev and it can be implemented by any other service for cross-client compatibility. Our expectation is therefore two-pronged:

  1. That users adopt IPNS.dev as their IPNS service provider, and

  2. That other services begin to offer keyless IPNS pinning to their users following the standard set by IPNS.dev.

The standard for the keyless interface is described in complete detail here and can be diagrammatically shown as follows:

Roadmap, Adoption and Growth Strategies

IPNS.dev is already a fully functioning infrastructure, and we are seeking funds for future integrations, maintenance and research & development, including upgrades to the current stack.

Adoption & Growth

  • Objective: Collaborate with IPFS services such as Pinata, Fleek, dWebServices etc to facilitate IPNS.dev cross-client compatible integrations
  • Tasks: Engage with IPFS services to facilitate their adoption of IPNS.dev keyless infrastructure
  • Deliverables: Integrations by IPFS service providers with cross-client compatibility

Maintenance and Upgrade Plans

Faster IPNS

  • Objective: Reduce latency of updates by speeding up IPNS propagation
  • Tasks: Deploy access-controlled w3name API. Improve IPNS propagation speed by parallel publishing to public as well as private w3name APIs.
  • Deliverables: w3name Cloudflare deployment and IPNS multi-publishing


Team Members

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Relevant Experience

The two team members are seasoned cryptographers and developers from India and Nepal, with a diverse technological background. Their homepages are @sshmatrix and @0xc0de4c0ffee

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