Glo Dollar

Glo Dollar is the stablecoin that funds public goods. We plan to integrate ENS into our dApp.

Glo Dollar (ticker: USDGLO) is the stablecoin that funds public goods.

Stablecoin companies generate up to $7.4 billion annually from their stablecoin reserves. Our approach is different—we funnel all our profits to public goods and charity. By adopting Glo Dollar instead of USDC/USDT, holders fund public goods.

Glo Dollar allows the holder to choose which causes to support. That includes fighting extreme poverty, combating climate change, or web3 public goods. At zero cost to the holder.

What happens when someone buys Glo Dollars:

  1. The fiat backing Glo Dollar is invested and earns revenue (similar to other stablecoins).
  2. We donate 100% of our profits on these investments to public goods and charities.
  3. Glo Dollar holders fund public goods at zero cost.

We call this AutoPGF (Automatic Public Goods Funding).

In our dApp, users choose the charitable causes they want to fund. Once users have verified Glo Dollar holdings and chosen the causes, we are working on offering them the option to associate their wallet with their ENS name.

Glo Dollar is 100% fiat-backed, always redeemable 1:1 for USD and USDC, is issued and regulated in the United States, and receives monthly independent attestations.

Available across 7 blockchains including Ethereum, Polygon PoS, Optimism, Arbitrum, Celo, Stellar, and Base, Glo Dollar is developed by the Glo Foundation and issued by our partner Brale.