ENS profiles: governance rewards & on-chain rep

ENS+Snapshot+TogetherCrew partnership to incentivise governance participation with reputation NFTs

Voter apathy is a frequent issue in DAOs. And when we look under the hood, a range of other issues become apparent:

  • Small token holders can’t “afford” to vote (the time-cost of voting is more than any potential upside from stewarding the project)
  • many voters spend too little time analyzing proposals and keeping up with what’s happening in the DAO so they can’t make good decisions (they make decisions out of context)
  • those who diligently participate in a community have little to no way of proving this work history and commitment to gain trust in other communities and/or receive rewards

TogetherCrew has developed a tool that analyses Discord and Discourse data and calculates the social graph. (github, telegram, notion, and other platforms are also in the process of being integrated)

Based on this social graph, we’ve partnered with Snapshot and Arbitrum to develop a dynamic Reputation NFT that represents one’s position in this social graph, thus creating a reliable metric of how much context one has of the specific community. Based on this context score, Snapshot’s Boost protocol is then used to provide rewards for participating in governance WITH context (thus preventing airdrop raiders and other actors from negatively impacting governance quality but instead incentivizing those genuinely adding value by participating socially to make informed decisions and then exercising their vote).

This grant will enable us to add ENS profiles to these reputation scores. And should we win one of the two top spots, we’ll create a search interface so the community reputation of those with an ENS profile can be proven (with user consent). Thus leveraging ENS to provide portable, cross-platform reputation and airdrophunter-resitant governance participation incentives.