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Gm frENS, we’re excited to participate in another small grants round voted on by $ENS delegates. Thank you for your continued support 🫡


ETH Daily is a daily podcast and newsletter that provides a roundup of the latest news about Ethereum. ETH Daily is 100% free to consume and has delivered over 430 daily briefings in audio and text form (that’s 100 more episodes since the last ENS Small Grants round). Our reach has increased to over 6,000 RSS podcast subscriptions and 1,800 newsletter subscriptions via our website and Mirror page.

Why Us

ETH Daily has maintained a consistent track record for releasing news briefings. Our reach is steadily increasing to over 15,000 monthly audio downloads, keeping the broader community up-to-date with Ethereum. Here’s what our community has to say:

Grant Use

90% of our funding comes from public goods grants and donations. This funding helps ensure the continued production of ETH Daily.