THE VINE w/Flexter.eth

A safe place on X-Spaces to educate and onboard new Web3 users.

The Vine is an X-Space that runs every Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 1230pm EST. The intention of this space is to educate and onboard new users to web3. We discuss everything from setting up an ENS primary name to learning how to build a decentralized website! We encourage community members to join us with their own projects and support the builders, coders and developers as a community for a greater chance of success. This program has been consistent for nearly two years. I would like to take this Space to the next level with live streaming. I have secured my studio with about 70% of the equipment I need to make this dream come true. I am requesting a small grant to secure vlogging/podcast equipment. I hope to reach Twitch, Facebook, YouTube and other social media users in my attempt to educate and onboard ENS to the masses.. Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to supporting all applicants. FLEXTER.eth