Retroactive public goods funding by Bloom Network

A network designed around helping you do constructive actions with real people where you live

At Bloom network, we aim to bridge the startup funding gap for community-led climate repair initiatives, like agroforestry gardens and permaculture training, which are cost-effective and quickly implemented but lack access to grants or entrepreneurial funding due to their small scale. Bloom Network provides education and reliable data to develop commercial permaculture social enterprises, fostering revenue growth while prioritizing care for the environment and communities.

Bloom's values: equity, diversity, health and healing, ecological sustainability, economic democracy, solidarity, localism, self-determination, neighborliness, cooperation

Our Solution includes groundbreaking innovation: retroactive public goods funding!

At Bloom Network, we're revolutionizing how farmers and projects get rewarded for their impactful actions. Through our platform, participants log their achievements, backed by solid proof and metrics. Validators ensure credibility, and in return, participants receive Bloom Network's cooperative patronage token.

Plus, at the end of each quarter, everyone gets a share of profits and grant funding, boosting local projects and visibility. Our pilot in Uganda is planting permaculture gardens, repairing soil health, and increasing economic security. By creating a Permaculture Group, they are focused on the creation, implementation, and use of innovative climate change adaptation strategies using permaculture ethics and principles, especially with the most vulnerable populations of rural farming communities.

With our support, they have created several projects to catalyze local entrepreneurship, replicable farm methods, and diverse channels for receiving different types of contributions, such as on-chain donations and IRL participation.

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Showcasing our impact
Let’s break down our numbers of just one case study from Bloom.

  • In Sanje, Uganda, 1300 farmers embrace commercial permaculture,
  • 7 schools in Kamuli teach 70,000+ students. Scaling to 15 more schools in Ngora means impacting 100,000+ pupils.
  • From barren land in 2016 to thriving farms today, we've seen remarkable transformation. Our first cash crop, vanilla, proves the self-sustainability of permaculture in just 3 years.

With Bloom Network, our collective impact multiplies: 60+ members report, 30,000+ participate on the ground, and 2700+ local gardens flourish across 9 countries.