FairDrive: Reclaim Privacy & Data Ownership

Decentralized storage tool enabling DApps where users reclaim privacy, own their data & digital ID.

Fair Drive is:

  • Part of the Fair Data Society family, enabling decentralized, private data storage and sharing without intermediaries.
  • A fundamental tool for safeguarding the principles of sovereignty (individual or communal) upon which Web3 is built.
  • An open-source public good of the Ethereum ecosystem.

Fair Data is based on the simple premise that personal data is a part of the individual. As such, it should be treated as any other inalienable part of human identity.

With crypto, we recovered ownership over our financial assets; with DeFi, we recovered the sovereignty to launch our own economies; and with Fair Data, we aim to recover ownership and sovereignty over our data.

We are currently in the Beta phase, and our demo can be checked at this link.

The funds we receive will enable testing and research for the final version launch.

The most significant recognition of Fair Drive's relevance so far has come from the support from ETH Swarm and the MyDataOperator award, which we won in 2021 and 2022.

From our commitment to a fairer society where every citizen and community are sovereign over their data, we are building an ecosystem where important partners are already gathering, such as Galileo, Etherna, Zoomerok, Dapplets, Personium, Scaleout Systems, Grassroot Economics, Waggle, GetLogin, FairPhotos, and Memez.

Usage of the grant

The grant will be used 100% to develop further features of Fair Drive related to ENS and to maintain and support current features.

If you have a project or an idea for a project that allows users to preserve their privacy, sovereignty over digital identity, and secure data transfer, Fair Drive is your solution. You can start using it now for free.

Where can you find us?