The Panama DAO a Network State

Revolutionizing the way we build and fund IRL public goods

The Panama DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization on Ethereum, aiming to become a Network State within Panama. Our aim is to revolutionize the way we build and fund IRL public goods. Leveraging blockchain technology and a community-driven approach, The Panama DAO enables collaborative & efficient development of public goods.

We propose and finance public goods projects that benefit Panama and therefore everyone. Through our Pitiguay token, members can submit proposals and vote on projects, resulting in the successful completion of several initiatives already.
We're all about expanding tech education in Panama, empowering individuals to engage meaningfully with blockchain technology. From funding non-custodial wallets to purchasing NFTs and participating in governance, we're committed to broadening the horizons of our community.

Our monthly gatherings, including virtual town halls and in-person tech talks, have become popular among both seasoned blockchain enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Recently, we launched a YouTube channel as a hub for sharing valuable educational content, including recordings of our town halls and tech talks.

With this funding and the support of our collaborative community, we will be able to continue expanding educational initiatives and funding opportunities for our members to keep building public goods projects.