ENS Name Wrapper x GG

Empowering Identity & Branding in Blockchain Gaming: The Role of ENS Subdomains.

Introduction: Within the ever-evolving landscape of decentralized identities & on-chain branding, ENS (Ethereum Name Service) subdomains have emerged as a versatile tool. This article explores the transformative potential of ENS subdomains, with a focus on their application in the context of the innovative Web 3 project, Gamble Gods.



Creating ENS Subdomains for Gaming: ENS subdomains, unlike traditional domains, introduce a third level of customization, allowing for enhanced personalization. The owner of the ENS Domain gamblegods.eth, can easily generate subdomains & delegate them to various aspects of their gaming ecosystem. For instance, Gamble Gods can create unique subdomains for player usernames, guilds, or for specific blockchain functionalities.

Please refer to the video or read our Whitepaper below for a more concise picture of what we are building over at Gamble Gods


YouTube Video Explanation of Our Vision