ABI Ninja

Interact with any contract on Ethereum with a friendly UI/UX

ABI Ninja provides an intuitive frontend for contracts from the most popular EVM networks, currently supporting:

  • Verified contracts: Pulls the ABI from AnyABI or Etherscan API (fallback)
  • Unverified contracts: Two different options are available:
    1. Provide the ABI and the contract address.
    2. Decompile using heimdall-rs (PR in progress).
  • Proxy contracts: Currently using evm-proxy-detection to detect proxy contracts and provide the implementation address.

abi ninja homepage

It includes some nice features like:

  • (mainnet!) ENS resolution on address inputs.
  • Shareable URLs.
  • Show TX results.
  • Friendly UI even for complex data structures

abi ninja contract page

ABI Ninja has previously received grant money from ENS, which has helped us to make a lot of progress. Since last grant:

  • Migration to Scaffold-ETH 2
  • Add AnyABI as the first source to fetch verified contracts ABI
  • Add Base, Scroll, and ZkSync support
  • Improve structs UI
  • Allow to iframe into any app as Safe app
  • Enable proxy contracts
  • Add a decompile option for unverified contracts and improve UI (in progress)

GitHub: https://github.com/buidlGuidl/abi.ninja