A social Marketplace for citizens to discover, join or launch their Startup Cities.

Illuminated is a headless Marketplace for users to find, join or launch their Startup Cities.

We’re bringing the world's most powerful Startup Cities to you.

How It Works


Across the web3 landscape, IDs are often limited to siloed ecosystems. With the introduction of Universal ID, Illuminated disrupts this norm.

Users can now gain easy access to the marketplace by simply signing up with their ENS domain name to authenticate themselves.

Web3 ID aggregation is a key feature of the marketplace. We aim at delivering Universal ID to unlimited users by verifying and onboarding their data and reputation score into our system, building a strong network of free users.

Demo & Socials:

Twitter | Website | Demo Clickable Version | Testnet


  • Multi-Citizenship Card: at Illuminated we simplify access to multiple countries at once through a one-time onboarding process, eliminating the need for repetitive KYC requirements and expediting the sign-up process.
  • Universal ID: we provide a single unified ID for multiple addresses. Users simply link their pre-existing IDs to authenticate themselves and generate a reputation score for easy access.
  • Managed Marketplace: with our Governance and ID tooling, Reputation System, Interactive Servers/Channels for Startup Cities, we can provide a set of solutions that will enable the users to host a full ecosystem for their Startup city or implement it across different solutions in the Web3 sphere.

Illuminated Features

Eth X Illuminated:

During Q2, 2024 we will proceed to:

  • Provide Public Access Open
  • Universal ID launch
  • Provide support for sophisticated Startup Cities

Tech Stack:

  • IPFS, AWS for Data Storage
  • Ethereum Attestation System for Identity Management.
  • Gitcoin Passport for Reputation System
  • IDs integrated so far: ENS, Github, Gitcoin, Twitter, Google, Civic, Idena, Holonym

Sign Up process

Some key-highlights:

We’ve successfully bootstrapped this project to V3.

  • Cloud Countries Reached: 40+
  • Sovereign IDs Reached: 10+
  • Infrastructure Tools Reached: 10+
  • Events under Illuminated & the DAO: 3
  • Universal ID: ✅
  • Live on Optimism, Ethereum, Base: ✅
  • Reputation System: ✅
  • Illuminated V.3.0: ✅
  • Testnet: ✅

We appreciate your attention to our progress. Join us in advancing our vision. Your support and contribution, regardless of its size, is invaluable.

Paving the way for Democratic Innovation and Commercialisation of Sovereignty.