Trusted Seed

A value-driven community advancing regen economies

About Trusted Seed

Trusted Seed specializes in curating a global network of value-driven individuals who are committed to creating regenerative economies for public goods through token engineering and DAO governance. Our community members represent a broad spectrum of expertise, including blockchain developers, token engineers, social innovators, investors, coaches, researchers, artists, and many more.

One of Trusted Seed's key milestones is its participation in the launch of the Token Engineering Commons, an open-source community of token engineers and researchers advancing token engineering. Trusted Seed members played a crucial role in the early governance and fundraising of TEC, contributing to its vision, roadmap, and development. This successful collaboration underscores the value of a curated network of value-driven actors committed to advancing decentralized technologies and governance models.

We’ve been working together to incubate and accelerate public good projects that align with our mission and create spaces where we can foster deeper connections and facilitate knowledge sharing.

What else we’ve built/achieved:

  • Regen Score: An on-chain reputation layer for regens in public goods. A collaborative project with our regen alliance, this tool evaluates one’s regen behavior on the blockchain by using a unique algorithm.
  • Regen Alliances Unconference: This gathering served as an incubator for transformative ideas and the formation of impactful alliances and cultivated a co-creation space rooted in diversity, trust, and a shared passion for regeneration.
  • Matchmaking Program: Aligning individual talents with ecosystem needs.
  • Web3 + AI Unconference: We had a total of 130 registrants and hosted 15 compelling sessions that bridged the gap between blockchain and artificial intelligence.
  • Catalonia Social Expedition: An insightful tour allowed the participants to deeply explore the vibrant social movements of Catalonia.
  • Building Protopian Futures Unconference: A month-long Unconference on building a Protopian world which fostered collaboration and knowledge sharing among members and DAO stewards
  • Trusted Seed Picnics: Held as side events at Ethereum conferences in Paris and Bogota, which brought together members of the web3 community to meet in person and showcase their projects.

Our Plans for ENS Small Grant Funding

Trusted Seed is seeking funding from ENS Small Grants to address diversity challenges within the web3 space through our upcoming Trusted Seed Quests. Our goal is to design one of our quests as an accessible and welcoming pathway for non-web3 individuals to enter and thrive within the web3 ecosystem. Through this initiative, we aim to broaden the diversity of participants in web3, providing them with the tools, knowledge, and mentorship needed to navigate and contribute positively to this space, while also introducing them to the principles of good token stewardship.

Participants will engage in interactive educational quests, mentorship programs, practical web3 tasks, and community integration activities. These are part of our initial plan to provide a supportive and immersive environment for learning and contribution. We will refine our approach as we better understand the needs of our participants.

The funding from the ENS Small Grants will be primarily allocated as $ENS token rewards for successful quest explorers and volunteer mentors. These rewards aim to incentivize participation and acknowledge the contributions of those guiding the newcomers through their learning journey.