What has the nominee done for ENS or the broader web3 community in 2022?

"While she has done work and projects with ENS, I've admired her work in showing up and sharing input during the Public Goods working group meetings, and to bring more people especially from historically excluded populations including the work in Kenya."

"She built ENS Redirect, and ENSsteroids.eth and is actively participated on many Stewards meeting even thou she was never not elected."

"Public Goods: Women in Web3 Initiative, ENSRedirect, ENS PG WG participation."

"She goes after it. She's helped with the limo project, and also created ENS redirect. She has the ability to think what use cases the community would want to try to build or be involved with those projects. She is resourceful in organizing/project management."

"She has been a contributor to the eth-websites subgroup and helped them release tools such as dwebservices and Citadef. She has also released a very useful tool for the ENS community, ENS Redirect."

"Elle has been very active throughout the ENS community and recently created https://ensredirect.xyz"

How the scholarship could help the nominee?

"I think the scholarship will create and/or expand on the buffer for her to focus even more time on public goods in web3. With her living in Nairobi, the scholarship could have even more of an impact due to exchange rates. Ultimately, this scholarship will help hellenstans.eth help the current state of public goods in web3 in ways we've yet to imagine."

"Hellen is from Nairobi Kenya, so the dollar amount will go a long way"

"Continue brining more diversity to our ecosystem."

"She's not a developer, but has been involved in building really useful projects. This would be a confidence booster, and give her resources to continue to think and build."

"Hellen is determined to continue building on public goods. Having an income buffer for the next 12 months would really help her allocate a majority of her time to contributing to ENS and public goods initiatives."

"I believe that $1k/month would allow for Elle to allocate substantially more time towards ENS."

Nominated by

anthonyware.eth, avsa.eth, estmcmxci.eth ("working with hellen has been swell. She cares about ENS PG and is values aligned with long-term longevity of the ENS Protocol."), zadok7.eth ("Inspiration being a woman in web3, a woman of color, and also in Africa.. good for ENS global adoption and diversity."), Steve Gachau ("Hellen and I are both active in the Public Goods WG. We have previously worked together on various initiatives i.e gifting names to Kenyan NFT artists and recently co-ordinated on launching an ENS tool (ENS Redirect)"), sydmead.eth