What has the nominee done for ENS or the broader web3 community in 2022?

"I recently began collaborating with Steve on a (work in progress) project between ENS and Gitcoin to showcase future ENS subdomain features while incentivizing users to donate to public goods and support the Gitcoin matching pool. While this is still in the works, Steve took early initiative using his own funds to buy gtc.eth, build a proof of concept without being asked to, and has been willing to work without pay to help support the idea and help both Gitcoin and ENS. From what I can tell he's been an active contributor and supporter of ENS and Gitcoin for a long time."

How the scholarship could help the nominee?

"Much of the work I've seen Steve do has been done without clear upfront compensation. Steve is based in Kenya where (I assume) it is much harder to find high paying tech jobs than many other places, and where $12k would go a long long way to support his work.

To quote Steve - "Getting an ENS fellowship would give me a safety net and allow me to contribute to web3 projects fulltime.""

Nominated by

coday.eth (Connor O'Day) I've been working at Gitcoin for almost 4 years. As said above I recently began working with Steve on a project I think has great promise to do good for Gitcoin (and ENS) that was entirely his idea. Working with Steve has been a pleasure!