What has the nominee done for ENS or the broader web3 community in 2022?

They have created a very useful set of tools including linked NFT collections to ENS names and subdomain wrapper for existing ENS names where the ENS subdomain can be sold. He created the largest NFT pfp community of subdomains at Purrnelopes's Country Club (pcc.eth) and added this utility to so many other collections with his free services.

How the scholarship could help the nominee?

This tool needs to continue to grow. There is no reason at all that every active NFT collection shouldn't be issuing their own sub-domains. The culture needs to shift to "Why the hell isn't my favourite project issuing sub-domains?" instead of having it as a "plus". It should be a negative not to. It should be industry standard. Make it so ENS.

Nominated by

sqx.pcc.eth "met Hodl through PCC. have seen his work ethic and availability through there and his willingness to help out other communities".

Alamo.pcc.eth "hodl has brought to light the power of ENS and the possibilities related to connecting brands and users".

EnglishNFTea.eth "He made me aware of subdomains existence and it's use case in targeted communities."

pingu.eth. "I work with hodl on esf tools as the full stack dev. Hodl does the contracts and social media, I do the other stuff. All of the ideas have come from hodl, he architecture everything and it's been his passion that has produced what we have so far and what we are working on. I'm just lucky enough to have been invited along with him and have been doing all that I can to provide an easy to use front end for people to access his amazing contracts."