What has the nominee done for ENS or the broader web3 community in 2022?

He found a flaw in the namewrapper contracts and just posted it to the forum instead of waiting for an audit where he could've made a buck from it. Nick awarded him a bounty still, but I think it showed great character that his first order of business was to alert devs on the forum, and great talent in finding it in the first place after an audit had taken place! bulk registering tool + + ens bug reporting. Loves digging into ENS code and contracts, has discovered crucial vulnerabilities. Has a "whitehat" mindset, he could have taken advantage of not reporting the vulnerabilities he found.

How the scholarship could help the nominee?

It could help retain lcfr.eth in the community and enable him to freely work on whatever his creativity dictates, which I think will benefit ENS.

Nominated by

I'm cthulu.eth, support mod/technical writer at ENS Labs Ltd. lcfr.eth finding this namewrapper flaw (after the audit, but before the rollout) makes my life easier as a support mod, and helps everyone in ENS! cool.eth "zadok7.eth

lcfr sparked some really cool upgrades to the NameWrapper after he found and reported issues."