What has the nominee done for ENS or the broader web3 community in 2022?

Developed multiple projects incorporating ENS, adding value to the ecosystem (including solutions to common UI problems where reverse resolution mismatches or isn’t enabled for names specified and successfully resolving forward); presented on a community call; helpfully answered questions in the forum (top-3 example threads demonstrating help to other community members: Invoice for domain, Moving from ETH Mainnet to PoW, Onboard Businessmen to ENS) and meaningfully contributed to discussions affecting governance (top-3 example threads: Web3 Domain Alliance, Crypto Twitter login with ENS, The DAO’s approach to multiple-choice voting). New User of the Month award in the forums and fairly fast escalation in trust levels.

How the scholarship could help the nominee?

Detailed, thoughtful posts and participation like the ones you can see in the forum takes a small number of hours per week, but it’s done in a consulting context where hours are tracked carefully and priority has to go to funded work. ENS participation is also not the only unfunded project using a small number of hours per week; another example is maintenance on popular open-source libraries with tens of millions of total weekly NPM downloads. The total of such things is getting to be a bit too much, and in cutting back unfunded work the higher-impact open-source maintenance will get priority. Thus, even this current level of engagement is beyond what’s financially sustainable long-term, but could be justified with a scholarship like this.

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