frENS Education & Developments

Drawing Awareness to ENS Through Education, Community & ENS-centric Developments

frENS Education & Developments

Hello, My Team and I are seeking a small grant from the ENS Dao to aid in in the following:

Developing Educational Content

One of our primary goals is to create a series of high-quality educational materials, on multiple platforms such as YouTube and LinkedIn, designed to introduce ENS and its benefits to a wider audience. Current mediums of educational content include Discord channels, dedicated to answering specific questions by individuals, and our YouTube channel, dedicated to quick videos focused on specific topics.

With this grant, we plan to produce a series of video tutorials, write-ups and blogs, on ENS domains catered to a wider audience and promote active community engagement by incentivizing the creation, discussion and feedback on our educational materials created, as in, the community will aid in the select topic and selected content generated.


Generative art is an emerging field at the intersection of technology and creativity. Leveraging Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains as the basis for generative art presents a unique opportunity to explore the connection between digital identity and art.

With this grant, we aim to develop generative art algorithms that use ENS domains as a primary input, creating one-of-a-kind art pieces (please see for an example). This platform will allow any generative artist to submit work. Autograph Protocol

The Autograph Protocol is a simple, yet profound, solution that enables artists to inscribe NFT metadata with an ENS domain of their choosing, adding a personal touch to their digital creations. This protocol will work with new, or existing upgradeable, contracts.

With this grant, we are looking to complete the contract, develop a simple to use UI hosted on our collection's website and push for wider adoption of the autograph protocol to enhance the authenticity, and sentimental value, of NFT Collections.

Thank you for your time, The frENS Team